Piranha 1250

Piranha 1250

The Piranha 1250 is a vertical panel sawing machine with a sawing height of 1250mm and a sawing length of 2500mm. Special customized models are possible. Standard sawing depth is 55mm, optional sawing depths configurations of 80mm and 100mm are possible. The sawing unit is easily interchangeable between horizontal and vertical cutting. The Piranha has a standard equipped security system which prevents vertical cutting of the plastic strips. The Piranha has a unique frame construction, welded together, forming a solid base for an optimal performance, longevity of the machine and makes it easy and fast to install on site.


Digital read-out horizontal cuts

Digital length-stop

Electromagnetic clamping for horizontal cuts
Extra midway fence
Extra length stop (analog)

Frequency converter
Motor 2,2 kW/230V 1~ i.p.v. 3 kW/400V 3~
Support midway fence
Stops for horizontal cuts

Socket for dust extraction
Dust extractor D14 (not suitable + TRK system)
Reiteration stop

Transport rollers (pneumatic)
Transport rollers (foot operated)
TRK system
Moving panel support (hor.) automatically

Moving panel support (hor.) manually

Mitre support (for cutting e.g. 45º)
V-grooving unit for aluminium composite panels

1 meter extra length of cut 1550
1 meter extra length of cut 1850/2150
2 meter extra length of cut 1550
2 meter extra length of cut 1850/2150
80 mm variable depth of cut (excl. saw-blade)
100 mm fixed depth of cut (excl. saw-blade)
Special sawing heights / sawing lengths