OrcaMatic 1550

OrcaMatic 1550

The OrcaMatic 1550 is a semi-automatic version of the Orca 1550. These models are equipped with a semi-automatic saw movement, horizontally and vertically. Special customized models are possible. Standard sawing depth is 55mm. The OrcaMatic is standard equipped with a frequency converter in order to operate under different speeds. The machine includes a sensor which automatically detects the material that has to be processed. The optimal movement of the sawing unit guarantees an efficient work process with no loss of time. It is possible to turn off the automatic feature of the OrcaMatic in order to process, manually, smaller parts or cuts.


Digital read-out horizontal cuts

Digital length stop vertical cuts

Extra midway fence


Extra length stop (analog)

Motor 2,2 kW/230V 1~ i.p.v. 4 kW/400V 3~
Support midway fence
Socket for dust extraction
Dust extractor D14 (not suitable + TRK system)
Transport rollers (foot operated)

Transport rollers (pneumatic)
TRK system
Scoring saw unit
Mitre support (for cutting e.g. 45º)
V-grooving unit for aluminium composite panels

1 meter extra length of cut 1550
1 meter extra length of cut 1850/2150
2 meter extra length of cut 1550
2 meter extra length of cut 1850/2150
Special sawing heights / sawing lengths