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Harwi orcaMATIC

Vertical panel saws

Harwi Orcamatic vertical panel saw

Just like the Harwi Orca, the Harwi Orcamatic vertical panel saw is equipped as standard with accessories such as the Automatic moving backpanel, the powerful 4 kW motor and various ergonomic applications. The Harwi Orcamatic also adds the semi-automatic sawing movement, which enables both horizontal and vertical sawing without any effort.

Harwi Orcamatic semi-automatic sawing movement

The semi-automatic sawing movement makes both horizontal and vertical sawing effortless. The standard frequency converter provides variable speed cutting and the material sensor detects the material to be cut. As a powerful automatic panel saw, the Orcamatic is an asset for your customised industrial sawing work.

Harwi-zaagmachines-digital length stop

Working efficiently with a reiteration stop and stops for horizontal cuts

The Harwi Orcamatic is equipped as standard with a reiteration stop and stops for horizontal cuts. As with the Harwi Orca, this ensures that the Harwi Orcamatic vertical panel saw performs all sawing tasks quickly and efficiently. The semi-automatic sawing movement provides physical relief for your operators.

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  • Tailor-made sawing work

  • Semi-automatic sawing movement

  • Fast and effortless sawing


The Harwi OrcaMatic is available in four versions, specified according to the dimensions of the material to be processed. The OrcaMatic 1250, 1550, 1850 and 2150.

tekening platenzaag

Standard accessories

  • Automatic moving backpanel
  • Carbide tipped saw blade ø 250 mm
  • Length stop (analog)
  • Motor 4 kW/400V 3~ (5.5 hp)
  • Emergency stop
  • Panel mover
  • Two midway fences
  • Reiteration stop
  • Stops for horizontal cuts
  • Material sensor
  • Automatic horizontal saw movement
  • Automatic vertical saw movement
  • Automatic depth adjustment
  • Frequency converter (saw movement)


  • Digital read-out horizontal cuts
  • Digital length stop
  • Electromagnetic clamping for horizontal cuts
  • 1 extra midway fence (1550, 1850, 2150)
  • 2 extra midway fences (1850, 2150)
  • Extra length stop (analog)
  • Length stop guiding block
  • Frequency converter 4 kW (speed saw blade)
  • Support midway fence
  • Guiding block support fence
  • Socket for dust extraction
  • Transport rollers (foot operated)
  • Transport rollers (pneumatic)
  • TRK system
  • Scoring saw
  • Cutting depth 60 mm
  • 1 or 2 meter extra length of cut
  • Special cutting heights/cutting lengths
  • Deviating motor voltage


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