Harwi Ultra

Harwi ultra

Sawing without dust!

Harwi vertical panelsaws are wel known for their stability and continuous performance.  The machines are developed for precision cutting through a high level of user friendliness.  The base of its stability rest within its frame that is welded together into a solide supportive structure. 

The Harwi Ultra is within the line of Harwi vertical panel saws developed with an exctended focus on the removal of dust.  The measured levels of dust within the direct vicinity of operations are wel below 0.2mg/mᶾ, far below the (inter)national standards and regulations. 

Beneficial for the enviroment, beneficial for the working space but most of all beneficial for the operator of the machine! 

  • Power and precision

    The machine is powered by a 4kW brake motor and has a stadards sawing depth of 55 mm.

  • Ergonomic and user friendly

    The ergonomic movement of the operating handle ensures a smooth movement allowing the operator to maintain a healthy posture while sawing.

  • No Dust!

    Pneumatic valves on the backside of the frame regulate the airflow to optimize and establish pinpoint suction.

Available in different sizes

The Harwi Ultra comes in 3 different versions, specified to the measurements of the material you want to proces.  The Ultra 1550, 1850 en 2150. 

tekening platenzaag

Standard features

  • Pneumatic regulated suction. 
  • Automatic moving back panel 
  • Locking system
  • Length stop (analog)
  • Two midway fences 
  • 4 kW brake motor
  • Reiteration stop
  • Stops for horizontal cuts
  • Emergency stop


  • Socket for dust extraction
  • Digital read-out horizontal cuts
  • Digital length-stop
  • Extra length stop (analog)
  • 1 Extra midway fence
  • 2 Extra midway fences
  • 2.2 kW brake motor
  • Electromagnetic clamping
  • Frequency converter
  • Support midway fence
  • Transport rollers (pneumatic)
  • Scoring saw


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