Harwi 625-U

harwi 625-U

Harwi Radial arm Saw 625-u

The Harwi 625-U with its simple and therefore powerful design is a very effective radial sawing machine. The 3 kW motor and rotating saw arm ensure that this industrial saw table is highly suitable for cross-cutting and mitre cutting.

Mitre cutting with the Harwi 625-U

The Harwi 625-U is unique because of its mitre cutting. In addition, this robust radial saw rotates the saw arm up to 45° and the saw head is adjustable in height. This means that the industrial saw table offers greater flexibility and versatility than the Harwi 625-H.

Working flexibly with the Harwi 625-U

The Harwi 625-U offers ease of work due to the flexibility and mechanical applications of this radial saw. This low-maintenance and robust sawing machine has proven itself since 1981 and is an integral part of our product range.

Would you like to see the Harwi 625-U radial saw or one of our other radial sawing machines in operation, or catch up on the advantages of this machine? Please contact us for the possibilities. We will be happy to provide you with personal advice.

Standard accessories

  • Carbide tipped saw blade ø 400 mm
  • Brake motor 3 kW/400V 3~ (4 hp)
  • Spring balancer
  • Emergency break
  • Manual height adjustment
  • Rotation saw arm (0-45°)
  • Tilting saw head (0-45°)


  • Height of cut 160 mm (incl. 3 kW motor / incl. saw blade Ø 450 mm)
  • Height of cut 185 mm (incl. 5 kW motor heavy duty brake / excl. saw blade Ø 500 mm)
  • Automatic saw movement till 625 mm (incl. 2 pneumatic clamps)
  • Frequency converter 3 kW (rpm saw blade)
  • Frequency converter 5 kW (rpm saw blade)
  • 1 pneumatic clamp
  • 2 pneumatic clamps
  • Milling device
  • Deviating engine power
  • Deviating motor voltage