Harwi 625-H-2K

Harwi 625-h-2k

Harwi Radial arm saw 625-h-2k

Just like the Harwi 625-H, the 625-H-2K is a radial saw for fast and very precise cutting and cross-cutting of wood. The further developed Harwi 625-H-2K radial saw is capable of processing material up to a cutting length of no less than 1250 mm.

The Harwi 625-H-2K with automatic sawing movement

As standard, this Harwi saw table is supplied as an ergonomically efficient manual version. But expanding to fully automatic two-hand controls, including pneumatic clamping, provides even greater ease of use. The ergonomic sawing machine is an extra user-friendly radial saw for your operators.

Additional cutting length with the 625-H-2K

Because of the extra length of this industrial radial saw, precision work can be carried out on long materials such as industrial-sized wooden panels. The maximum size the machine can handle is 1250 mm. Would you like to saw sandwich panels with a steel or aluminium top layer? Have a look at the Harwi Multimatic saw.

Would you like to see the Harwi 625-H-2K in operation or are you interested in one of our other radial sawing machines? Please feel free to contact us or request the brochure below. We will be happy to give you sound advice.

Standard accessories

  • Carbide tipped saw blade ø 400 mm
  • Brake motor 3 kW/400V 3~ (4 hp)
  • Spring balancer
  • Emergency break
  • Manual height adjustment


  • Height of cut 160 mm (incl. 3 kW motor / incl. saw blade Ø 450 mm)
  • Height of cut 185 mm (incl. 5 kW motor heavy duty brake / excl. saw blade Ø 500 mm)
  • Height of cut 210 mm (incl. 5 kW motor heavy duty brake / excl. saw blade Ø 550 mm)
  • Automatic saw movement till 1250 mm (incl. 2 pneumatic clamps)
  • Frequency converter 3 kW (speed saw blade)
  • Frequency converter 5 kW (speed saw blade)
  • 1 pneumatic clamp
  • 2 pneumatic clamps
  • Milling device
  • Deviating engine power
  • Deviating motor voltage