Harwi 625-H-2K

Harwi 625-h-2k

Harwi Radial arm saw 625-h-2k

The Harwi type 625-H-2K is extremely suitable for processing insulation boards, even with aluminum or plastic top layers.  The machine has a sawing lenght of 1250 mm and can saw through materials up to 210 mm. The machine is equipped with a direct driven saw blade.


  • Automatic sawing movement 1250 mm
  • Frequency converter
  • Motor 5,0 kW
  • Motor 5,0 kW with heavy duty brake
  • Sawing height 160 mm (incl. sawing blade Ø 450 mm)
  • Sawing height 185 mm (excl. sawing blade Ø 500 mm)
  • Sawing height 210 mm (excl. sawing blade Ø 550 mm)
  • 1 pneumatic clamp
  • 2 pneumatic clamps