Industrial saw benches

Industrial saw benches

Harwi rip saws and crosscut saws are durable industrial circular sawing machines. Because of their robust construction, these machines are highly suitable for constant heavy-duty use in all conceivable branches of the (wood) industry. Our crosscut saws and rip saws are known for their economic and efficient use.

Powerful motors and various expansion options

From a powerful basic model such as the Harwi 130 to a comprehensive electrically adjustable machine, Harwi can supply a circular saw that perfectly fits any industry or industrial need.

Our top models: the Harwi 180 and Harwi 210

The Harwi 180 industrial crosscut saw has a powerful 7.5 kW motor with electrically adjustable height and tilt of the saw blade. The Harwi 210 industrial rip saw includes an 11 kW motor and is also fully electrically adjustable via the control panel. Both models can be expanded with various options. Above you will find more information about the different types of circular sawing machines. Also have a look at our radial sawing machines and vertical sawing machines. Want to know more? Be sure to contact us. We will be happy to help you with advice free of obligation.