Harwi represents quality
and service through craftmanship

HARWI built to last

Harwi has been developing and constructing a divers and flexible portfolio of high performance sawing machines since 1960. All of our machines are built in accordance with the highly regarded Dutch manufacturing quality standards and requirements. The innovative Harwi circulars sawing machines are renowned for their safety and user friendliness. Every Harwi machine is drawn, developed and manufactured in-house. Harwi is working with an international network of dealers that are known for their technical expertise, service and excellent aftersales. It makes us a reliable partner towards our customers. Harwi guarantees quality and service, with research and development alongside the application of modern day techniques have the highest priority.


Harwi Holland BV
Lage Dijk 28
5705 BZ Helmond (NL)

Phone: +31 (0)493 – 54 33 55
Fax: +31 (0)492 – 52 23 05
E-mail: info@harwi.nl